Who’s Even Listening / Who’s Even Watching / This Must Be The Place
Originally called the film Who’s Even Listening, trimmed clip renamed to Who’s Even Watching a few weeks later for the Graphic Design Senior Show, and now a third title This Must Be The Place which I misnamed the film while searching for it to upload here, thinking of the song stuck in my head while filming, This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody). See my notes below a link to the screenprint made from the photos I took during the video. This is one of the first projects I made unrelated to any class unit / project ( printmaking class was anything we wanted it to be ).

video taken in my bathroom filmed on dslr camera,
me illuminated by black light (appears as dim purple light) from a clamplight, stripped down to skin-colored undergarments and attempting to load up my jammed point & shoot film camera
first true example I felt during degree project of don’t think, just do
in my apartment and found this lightbulb & clamplight while rummaging for something else
had the idea to photograph myself with my point & shoot with b&w film for my next screenprint, hoping the spotlight would produce shadows & highlights strong enough for a halftone
purple light informed my ink color for the ‘contact sheet’ screenprint
last minute decided to record the process with my dslr but the camera malfunctioned so it records my mumblings as I attempt to figure the camera out & load the film
a happy accident
while editing found automatic captioning in Premiere, my mumblings skewed the accuracy of the captioning, I left all text styles and words untouched for this final video
( incidentally, there was no sound playing at the senior show, another happy accident )
also first instance of recording myself while taking photos, the video becoming as important as the images / the original project
( later my Ashes to Ashes film -- produced film stills that act as their own photographs along with the original idea - the film photographs )
allowed myself to follow the thread of my thoughts without questioning them and made something that felt like me and unforced, I felt like I had actually made something that made me happy!

“contact sheet” screenprint -- see screenprinting page and scroll down for darkroom & digital processes !


shortened video played at Woods-Gerry RISD Graphic Design Senior Show, and photos of soundless projection ( not planned by me )
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