As described on my miscellaneous page, this project is a result of sewing a quick halloween costume, that ended up producing a video, stills from video as their own formal images, and developed images taken on a film camera, which was the original intended first step ( post - sewing )

first photo of costume: made and worn same evening for last pre-Halloween party

unedited stills above from video taken on DSLR camera
video cropped to 4:3 aspect ratio like original music video 

final work to be uploaded soon --- editing in process

test roll of ilford 120 orthochromatic film taken on lubitel medium format camera
processed & printed on RC paper at home, testing different contrasts & exposures

contact sheet from scanning negatives, next will make a proper one with enlarger

saved scraps from ‘trimming’ the prints
after making test strips from tearing off pieces from 8x10’’ paper, continued to rip off pieces for enlarging the full images too - next step is choosing which images to move forward with & make proper prints on FB paper

* more polaroids images & polaroids documenting process of sewing & wearing pierrot outfit to come, along with brian duffy’s original photoshoot images of bowie

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