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The Dragon’s Healer (Royal Dragons Book 1)


An apothecary owner with a terminal illness - until he heals her heart

A dragon shifter with a Royal bloodline - but royalty is nothing without her

Can their love pass the test of time?


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The Wolf’s Temptation (Alpha Wolves Of Myre Falls Book 2)


An Enforcer loyal to the council's rule - until he makes her question everything she knows

A wealthy party boy who can hardly recall his wild nights - but he'll never forget how beautiful she looked

Will she risk it all for their love?


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The Wolf’s Lover (Alpha Wolves Of Myre Falls Book 1)


A lone wolf on the run looking for an alpha - but she finds one angry bear in the woods

The son of an alpha with a rugged exterior next in line to lead the pack - until she melts his walls

But they will have to fight for their love...


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