graphic designer of all logos, print materials, flyers, anything to do with text for Instagram stories, image-editing for cohesive social media layout, assisting with sales at fairs, and most recently product photographer and model
both ff and fishfelon logos soon to be officially registered ( ® )

12 february 2024 photoshoot #1 ( edited )
photographer / studio lighting coordinator
hand model : Yue Zi

*pssst - more images to come with latest vanity pieces Sean & Yue Zi designed, but I cannot share the photos I took here till they are released online 

11 march 2024 photoshoot #2 ( unedited )
photographer / studio lighting coordinator / model
assistant : Yue Zi

in-process brand identity guidelines

main fishfelon logo design doc

click here for fishfelon instagram to see the collages Yue Zi & I made in my darkroom using images from her RISD apparel design photoshoots of me, me and the rings printed negatively on acetate to put together under my enlarger

flyer / instagram story made from digital images of rings printed negatively on acetate for the prints above

***more behind the scene images to come
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