Symposium Records is an EDM group based in Providence, RI and hosts music events every few weeks at various locations, most frequently the Red Door, Machines With Magnets and 1911, formerly known as Black Lace. In 2020 I started designing most of their digital / printed flyers, usually 4x4’’. In 2022 I updated their logo to be used for stickers, and 2023 worked on potential track cover designs for the Symposium Records Soundcloud.

Dimensions: 5 x 5 in.

facebook & eventbrite covers

addition to Fall River Arts Festival flyer for Scott MX & Jacob Herschel
bottom flyers designed by Fall River Arts Festival

redesign of flyer backs for printing - from text to social media icons

Designing a tentative system for SR Soundcloud track uploads
Heavy emphasis on ensuring logo, photo, and DJ name could be seen in all viewing formats
( only one image upload allowed applied by Soundcloud to all )

first step to rebranding the Soundcloud - banner

SR sticker design
designing a sticker version of the SR logo
black / white backgrounds
clear backgrounds for future transparent stickers
now used for event flyers too

Playing around with physicality

using various digital color versions of receipt photos to create the backgrounds
re-branded ‘groove’ event series : instagram flyer on left & for-print flyer in middle

hand-lettering on bristol
projecting on top of bristol paper
taking receipt photos of the projections
using the digital color versions of receipts for gif & flyer


designing flyer, taking receipt photo of flyer, scanning receipt, reprinting

first time testing olivetti mechanical typewriter for flyers
return t
o top

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