don't ask so many questions
165 safari tab screenshots
collected April 2021 – August 2021
plotted on satin paper
27 ✕ 41''

Made for and shown at Color Me Fungible, a group show at RISD’s Carr Haus, organized by Janie Kowalchuk, and shown at the Graphic Design Senior Show at Woods-Gerry Gallery

participation & laugh at the Color Me Fungible group show

and me!

short backstory:
I’ve gotten into the habit of forgetting to close out a Safari tab on my phone after looking something up, and simply open another the next time I’m wondering. Eventually I hit the 500 tab limit ( the limit’s existence unbeknownst to me ) and found an archive of the past few months when I scrolled back to the beginning. I couldn’t bear to part with them, especially those that made me laugh so I screenshotted and placed them at the bottom of my old miscellaneous page.

Then for the group show I compiled them in a grid, not chronologically but by visual contrast, to keep the eye moving throughtout the poster. The black tabs are the oldest and therefore Safari would not load a preview; those were especially useful for grounding the composition.

initial sketch

return t
o top

copyright 2024 Anastasia Chase / STSA