Work that made taking a class in the RISD Printmaking Dept. in spring of my senior year, alongside Degree Project in Graphic Design Dept. You’ll see much of the two intertwined!

Goodnight Moon final for Single-Edition Print class, spring 2022
on 22x30’’ Rives rag paper
4 silkscreens -- positives made from Arista Ortho Litho 3.0 sheet film in the darkroom
8x10’’ sheet film exposed by an enlarger with 35mm and 120 negatives through an 11x14’’ Kodak halftone contact screen ( PMT gray / 65 line ), then cut up and assembled on one silkscreen in the exposure unit
20x24’’ sheet film distressed with a knife & my nails for scratches, my hands & lips for emulsion disruption by oils and moisture, and finally manipulated in the developer tray by agitation and time

8x10’’ on left and one of the 20x24’’ positives on right in process of developing
kodak contrast screen used to make halftones for 8x10’’ postives

edition number 9 installed in red room
mounted with PVA adhesive onto 24x18’’ wood artist’s panel, 3/8’’ thick, excess left hanging off the board

me & david bowie rochester mugshot

countless psd files
my head edited onto my body from another time, edited into bowie’s famous rochester mugshot
images taken months prior in different instances (one for an instagram post shown here, one dressed up as man who fell down to earth)
lighting edited in both bowie & me to visually match eachother and screenprint better

experimenting with hand coloring then printing on top

bristol-printed mounted on mounted with PVA adhesive onto 11x14’’ wood artist’s panel, 3/8’’ thick, & trimmed to fit
when placed in red room, visitors invited to take their own ‘mugshot’ between me & bowie & leave on the door
mugshot concept based on me taking receipt photos of people, having each person pose in the same spot (see strips above the door)
receipts printed on sticky receipt roll, same process as regular receipt paper
(and me and my grandmother taking our mugshot - digital color receipt photo!)

after deinstalling, placed directly in front of my doorway to greet visitors : )

 silkscreen tests on newsprint
mounted with PVA adhesive onto 6x6’’ wood artist’s panel, 3/8’’ thick, & trimmed to fit
positives also 8x10’’ Arista sheet film exposed with 35mm film & kodak halftone contact screen
negatives from same roll used for ‘contact sheet’ screenprint below

 silkscreen test on newsprint with caran d’ache
mounted onto 18x24’’ artist’s panel, 3/8’’ thick

used point & shoot camera with very bright flash, contact sheet shows excessive variation and low contrast
scanned negatives to extract each image and edit them, then place them back into the strips
so the final printed positive would have enough contrast between blacks & whites for the halftone version to successfully be exposed to the silkscreen
placed every image back into the strips and compile strips to emulate an 8x10’’ contact sheet from the darkroom
final positive enlarged and printed on acetate

first and only test on newsprint that included writing over it with caran d’ache
( printed on bristol and re-attempted annotations but this initial quick test had less thought put into it & felt more authentic ) 
annotations further emulate the process of a photographer’s comments on a contact sheet

first time using the darkroom enlarger to make positives for the silkscreen with the Arista sheet film
used a medium format negative carrier to crop the holga pinhole camera’s image extended across the film
made two of each image, one with more exposure to test with the silkscreen although I didn’t yet have the Kodak contact screen to make a halftone on the positive, the image itself (since backlit) was already high contrast, and the ortho litho film in combination with the special litho A & B developer successfully made the image show up on the silkscreen and create a print

also first time experimenting with how to mount prints
 hung in the last photo adjacent to risograph prints at senior show

first time using the holga pinhole negatives
testing halftone & dithering methods for screenprinting by scanning negatives into photoshop
inspired me to want to do it ‘right’ and attempt making the positive in the darkroom instead of laser-printed

side test for degree project - cyanotype using original negatives

test t-shirts for Symposium Books, vintage logo
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