A selection of my own work as co-director of the Graphic Design & Web team ( with Pavanee Giroti ), including the organization’s branding for the year of 2021-2022. Other work includes branding for 2022 Brown Fashion Week, and print advertising & social assets ( Instagram, Facebook, Eventbrite ), and the 12th Annual Runway Show program.

F@B is Brown University’s only fashion club with over 200 members, bringing guest speakers, runway shows, workshops and more to campus.

application season Facebook & Instagram graphics with new visual identity using alternate logo

2021-22 brand guidelines & process in Adobe Illustrator

BFW 2022

some FB covers

full set of graphics for Instagram grid / website
( made by the team, Pavanee, and I following my visual identity )

 color palette process for BFW branding in Adobe Illustrator

12th Annual Runway Show Program

BFW 2021

personally made graphics using Adobe Illustrator & AfterEffects
( branding pre-designed by former F@B President Sasha Pinto )

Fall Fair color palette, Instagram grid graphics, Facebook Cover, and table banner to print

various designs
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