It’s my brain! ✨ An exercise of
« Don’t Overthink, Just Do »

A handsewn book — compiled from my thoughts via my Olivetti typewriter, notebooks, and words / images I like! Those source materials then translated into risograph prints, linocut prints, direct typewriter page scans, scans of xerox error pages from trying to photocopy the typewriter pages ( that I refed into xerox machine to generate overlapping text )

Also an exercise in how much to reveal to the audience - instant revealing via flipping pages of varying sizes to see what lies underneath, and more complicated hiding of text ( my own typewritten thoughts previously written over the course of a few months ) by overlapping words, framing to include and uninclude words, and shrinking down pages to almost unreadable sizes.

One of the first important projects to influence my Degree Project, in pulling from pools of pre-existing images and text to generate work and using the phrase « don’t think, just do »
to dump my brain in a space, for now confined to the pages of a book, later to take over a room.

For Letterpress & Self-Publishing class, Wintersession 2022
Vandercook letterpress, linocut, polymer plate, riso printer, laser printer
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

Also from Letterpress & Self-Publishing
both using Vandercook letterpress

Back of the Boat
linocuts and polymer plate
text from Virgil’s Aeneid, hand-lettered for polymer plate

panagram exercise using metal type

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