Over the fall semester for my Bible as Narrative Art course, I kept track of any connections I made between the bible and Christianity, and other religions and mythologies. My notes inspired collages that I made digitally by extracting related figures from images of more classical art and sculpture. I turned the collages into “negatives” by inverting them and printing on clear acetate, and then made 8x10 inch fabric cyanotypes. I used parts of these collages to make my final 24x36 inch cyanotype on heavyweight muslin. This final piece brings me joy as it is a start to sketching out the scenes that play in my head between mythological figures joined in conversation, and the meshed spaces such as Tartarus, Eden, Olympus, Heaven. All is tied together through the ourobouros circling through the composition. More notes on the figures and choices made are below in the Process section.

(The digital collage is 24 x 36 in. while the final unhemmed fabric cyanotype, still at 100% scale, is 31 x 38 in.)


Final cyanotype process

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