Member of the Decor Committee and the Graphic Designer for this year’s Winter Bash, held on 9 March. I produced all graphics and started the process from research personally conducted in relation to haute couture runways, and themes such as fluidity and motion in fabric.
Assisted in planning the Winter Bash as part of the Decor Committee since November 2023, and made the table centerpieces with fellow committee member Yue Zi !

Scans of photobooth prints with Yue Zi & Sean, featuring my graphic design !

Press Release / Eventbrite

Digital flyer & Instagram Story

1:4 graphic for signs

Facebook cover Press Release ( 600 x 400 )

The Winter Bash : Yue Zi and my table centerpieces using only materials given to us

initial thoughts : SIREN / hand-lettering / embedding & flowing of text / garment / verticality / other-world / entrance / movement / entrancement
testing Photoshop new generative fill to produce a background combining inspiration images from siren / mermaid garments & fabric
essential influences : organza and look 70 Thierry Mugler Haute Couture S/S 1997

more Winter Bash photos to be uploaded soon from my iPhone & taken by the professional photographer !
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