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Looking to read billionaire romance novels online? Well here’s a free one from the Sexy and Steamy August giveaway (go to giveaway page). T. N. King’s writing is always a treat so when I found out about this giveaway it was the first book I picked up.


About The Giveaway

It ends on August 31 2018

You’ll find 58 full-length books (including my own, Loved by the Alpha Leader) that you can download for free! You simply subscribe to the author’s newsletter to get your freebie.

You’ll get these free books when you join their newsletter. And remember – for each book in this giveaway, you can unsubscribe from the author’s newsletter at any time.

It’ll definitely clog up your newsletters if you join all 58 authors’ newsletters😂 but the reason why authors do these types of giveaways is so that readers can get a taste of their work, for free, and then hopefully convert them into fans through email. We all work together as authors and share the giveaway in as many places as we can (Facebook, our e-mail lists, etc).

These are mostly self-published romance authors who work super hard – so believe me when I say they most definitely appreciate you checking out their works!

Let me know if you read any of the titles! (comment below, or email me, or hit me up on Facebook😁)

I’ve read a bunch of books in this giveaway already so I’ll be writing some Goodreads reviews for them the coming weeks before the giveaway ends.

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You can read my Goodreads review below the book description👇


Book Description

Meet Jacob Cooper, a rising star in the world of Hollywood. Women sigh his name and even some men stare a bit too long at his perfect physique. With his chiseled body, sculpted face, and piercing green eyes — the trifecta of a rising star — he has climbed the star dotted ladder to be one of the most sought after leading men in film.

Yet, despite multi-million dollar movie contracts, magazine layouts, music video cameos, and wearing those famous briefs in all the ads you see on billboards, Cooper is rich & single with charm to spare when he wishes to use it.

When he finally meets his match in an up and coming young actress with the same determined glint in her eyes that he himself sees in his own every day in the mirror, together, in a new production, this will be their chance to shine in a multi-billion dollar spotlight.

How far is he willing to go, to grab that elusive Golden Globe Award?

My Review

PlayerPlayer by T.N. King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hugely successful actor, model & eligible bachelor Jacob Cooper is the star of a 2-billion dollar movie. He goes to a masquerade party where he meets a woman he shares a moment of passion with, not knowing that it’s his co-star Anna Halloway. The trouble is they have rules about dating co-stars…

I looooved this book! The way pointlessly they fight their urges for each other really builds up the tension in each chapter. You can’t help but root for them and enjoy each scene they have together. Plus that masquerade party sounds awesome! Lol

5 stars!

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