A Day In The Life Of An Indie Author

What happens when you mix a shy girl from Houston with voracious readers who know exactly what they like to read? A nervous wreck, also known as Anastasia!

Despite this I push through, ignoring my anxiety and compulsion to eat all the cookies in my house. And I sure am glad I did: my fans are the best fans. They understand the struggles I face day to day trying to escape that dreaded neon prison we like to call the 9 to 5. So, in the spirit of sharing, I’d like to share with you a day in the life of an indie author (or rather – this indie author). Here’s a typical weekday for this busy author:

Wake up –

Get ready in a rush and get my little ones to school. Get in my car and barely make it to work on time. Every day.


Work –

From 9-5, like a good corporate girl, I show up to work in an office. During my lunch breaks, I answer emails, edit my books, talk to other authors (I do this every day by the way – so you know my book recommendations are pretty personal), and try to figure out this freakin’ internet marketing stuff.


Go Home –

Make dinner and have some family time first. Then from 8 to 12 I go right back to work! I try my best to believe in myself every day to keep going and reach more and more readers like you. I’m lucky to have a husband and kids who love and support what I’m trying to do


Try to sleep and not think about shifters and alpha males –

I usually get to bed with my head spinning thinking about the next email campaign I’m going to send, or about the next hunk I’m going to drum up in my mind.

Rinse repeat! – 


And that’s usually how my week goes! On the weekends it’s usually a mix of family time and working on creating books again. It’s pretty mundane and it gets kind of repetitive, but I do my best to keep it interesting by including my husband in a lot of my tasks. He’s pretty techy so he knows his way around a computer better then I do.


And that’s my life! (for now…)


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