Wanna Read Romance Books Online? Here’s 10 Steamy Romance Novels

Wanna Read Romance Books Online?


I know the struggle of trying to read romance books online: where do you start?

There are so many books out there it can be overwhelming to pick out which book to read first.

My name is Anastasia Chase and I am the romance author you’ve been searching for😉

I have been an avid reader of romance almost all my adult life, and have been writing them for over 3 years now. I am literally obsessed with romance, and I specialize in stories about the paranormal.

I write about sexy shifters who are hard on their foes but melt for their mates. Alpha males who love to protect their women. My heroes are rough, tough shapeshifters who possess the soft heart that a woman yearns for.

Whether you’re looking for a reverse harem romance, or a traditional love story I’ve got you covered!

I have written and published over 11 bestselling works on Amazon (with an average rating of 4.5⭐️ on Amazon and 4.3⭐️ on Goodreads) that are guaranteed to knock your socks off.

My stories are a combination of my own imagination, and feedback I receive from my fans. I write stories you want to read, and I always put my readers first.


***WARNING*** If hot, sweaty, steamy scenes where a woman is loved utterly and entirely by gorgeous men offend you, then do not, I repeat do NOT pick up these paranormal romance books. These alpha male romance books are for readers that are 18+. You have been warned.


Image of the cover of Mated to the Alpha Wolves by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

“Have you guys ever shared a woman? Together? In bed?”



It was supposed to be a simple recon mission, but bear territory wasn’t too far from us, and they could be downright vicious about intruders. Even if that intruder was a child.

How could I have been so stupid? I should have known we were walking into a trap. But before my eyes gave way, I saw fur fall away as dark skin became lighter, pricked pink with the cold air, and three men stood before me, naked as the day they were born.

They saved me.

I never thought I could fall so deeply for one man, much less three at the same time. Solo, two at a time, or all three, there was no end to our endurance. We were intent on making our feelings known, beyond lust and needing to vent our adrenaline. The way they stared at my body and caressed it… I felt loved.

And I wanted more.

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Image of the cover of Saved by the Alpha Wolves by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

“I can smell our scents over you. I guess that means you belong to all of us…”

Wolf shifter Brianna Frost found herself exiled in the woods and torn by a war against the bear shifters. While thinking to herself “what else could go wrong?”, three of them sneak up on her and attack her. It isn’t until four wolf shifters appear out of the shrubbery and save her that she begins to feel relief.


While getting her wounds tended back at their cabin, Brianna realizes that not only are these four gorgeous specimens staring at her with desire, but she finds herself wanting each one. The tension in the air could cut through play-doh.


Their moment of passion is interrupted by an alarm call from their sister pack alerting them that some of their cubs had been killed by the bears. They head together all five of them, as a new pack, to aid their brethren. If they survive the imminent fight, will their newfound passion be accepted by the other wolves?

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Image of the cover of the Dragon's Healer by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

Forfeit his royal bloodline, or lose his soul mate…


As the owner of an apothecary and resident elixir expert, Evette was no stranger to the powers of natural remedies. But faced with a terminal illness, she was left with very few options. Little did she know, her hunky new apprentice holds the cure for her ailment – and her heart.

Despite his father’s ideals, Valen always felt a connection to humans. He sought to understand them, and having previously trained under the King’s head potion master, mixing tinctures in an apothecary was a natural choice. But how could he have known his new teacher would be so intoxicating?

Valen knew that as a Dragon Shifter, giving Dragon’s blood to humans was punishable by death. But how could he let the woman who brought him peace die? Will their love sway an entire kingdom, or will Valen’s Royal Bloodline be the source of their doom?

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Image of the cover of the Dragon's Salvation by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

Being a great detective comes with a steep price

Gabrielle Martinez knew this as she went undercover to infiltrate the city’s most notorious crime family. But things went south fast when her cover gets blown. What a fool she was. And if Ryker hadn’t found her laying on the floor, that fool would be long gone.

Who was this stranger, with amber depths that looked like glowing moons?

And would he accept that she was slowly dying from her disease? Her Cystic Fibrosis was the reason she took on such a risky mission. She didn’t have much time left on this earth, so why not offer herself up on a silver platter?

But the stranger had other plans

With the promise of Dragon’s Blood to heal all diseases, a full and happy life was within reach for Gabrielle. She never thought happiness was in the cards for her, but Ryker proved her wrong. All her attention, all her focus, it was on Ryker touching her, needing her, wanting to feel her.

And she didn’t want it to stop

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Image of the cover of the Wolf's Lover by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

Who is she and why did she think she could fight a bear?

Leaving her pack was the hardest decision Cara Danish ever had to make, and without her twin brother made it all the more devastating. Finding an alpha to love and trust was all she ever wanted, but what she found deep in the woods was a few bear cubs – and one angry mamma bear.


Watching the tough, beautiful, and mysterious wolf who took on a bear recover in his cabin brought out a side of Titan his pack never got to see. Cara was good for him, but whatever she was running from in her past was bound to catch up with her. The feelings blossoming between two strangers was something he trusted, it’s whatever was after her that made him question it all.


Titan could not help but fall in love with this captivating and stunning wolf, despite his father’s best wishes for his son to become the new clan Alpha. And Cara is shocked to find herself wrapped in the arms of a stranger, a long way from what she used to call home… Will Cara be able to finally land in a pack she can call her own, or will her shifty ways unravel the bonds of love Titan holds for her?

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Image of the cover of the Wolf's Temptation by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

They couldn’t be more opposite, and things could get complicated…

Heartless, cold, lonely… all things that described Raven Martine and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She was bred for the life she lived, but what happens when someone crosses the path that makes her question everything? Conan wasn’t like any of her past assignments. He intrigued her. He was mysterious. And he was one of the finest specimens of wolf she had ever laid eyes on.

Potentially hallucinating from his wild nights, it came as no surprise to Conan Brooks when an Enforcer was sent to check out the mess he had gotten his pack into. His degenerate tendencies had put his life in danger, but he wasn’t expecting the threat to be so beautiful.

Lusting after one another as Raven tries to get to the bottom of disappearing humans amongst a pack that flamboyantly flaunts their desires will test her loyalty to the Council, and everything she’s ever known. Will she stick to the law and her job as an Enforcer to uphold it, or will she break all the rules for an unbridled love that could last forever?

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Image of the cover of the Wolf's Mate by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

Falling for him could put her life in danger…

Life in Aconitum had been pretty bland for April Marino. Being a city girl didn’t help either – when money got tight, she had moved to the small town and put on an apron. The only solace she found from her drab existence was the mysterious, quiet man who came in every day.

James Sullivan did not like attention – the Enforcers did not take kindly to his family’s past decisions, and it could be a fight for him any day. How could he let himself get so distracted? Still, distraction or not she had everything he needed, and he would make her his mate.

James knew that getting April involved in his life meant she had to know all his deepest darkest secrets. She ached to know his secrets, and could only hope he trusted her enough to tell them to her. But what would happen to them if the Enforcers found them? Will they be able to face the danger together, or will theirs be yet another tragic fate?

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Image of the cover of the Wolf's Savior by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

His child growing up not knowing his mom? Not if this alpha wolf can help it…

Being marked and finding her mate in a wolf shifter was never something London Sawyer dreamed of as a girl, and neither was having a bun in the oven. These days she did dream and they were of a happy future, but fate had different plans for her when she was diagnosed with an advanced form of Multiple Sclerosis.

When an Alpha Wolf like Paxton Christian finds his mate they are bonded for life, and the day he found out about London’s condition he almost killed someone. London is his mate, his everything, he would do anything to protect her. But when his brother tells him about a mysterious substance that could cure her of her disease, Paxton gets ready to face any peril that lay ahead to save his woman.

There’s no way Paxton would let his child grow up without knowing how amazing London is, and he’d be damned if he couldn’t stop it. But they are faced with many dangers on the way to salvation, enemies old and new waiting for them. Will they save London in time, or will they fall into the traps lying in wait for them?

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I am a self-published, independent author who relies on the recommendations from my fans❤️ I hope you enjoy my books!


Anastasia Chase’s books on Goodreads

The Wolf's Lover
The Wolf’s Lover (Alpha Wolves of Myre Falls, #1)

reviews: 38

ratings: 157 (avg rating 4.10)


The Dragon's Healer
The Dragon’s Healer

reviews: 73

ratings: 141 (avg rating 4.48)


Saved by the Alpha Wolves
Saved by the Alpha Wolves (Crescent Moon Shifters #1)

reviews: 65

ratings: 123 (avg rating 4.28)


Mated to the Alpha Wolves
Mated to the Alpha Wolves (Crescent Moon Shifters #2)

reviews: 56

ratings: 88 (avg rating 4.32)


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