How To Read Instafreebie Books On Your Kindle App

How To Read Instafreebie Books On Your Kindle App

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I’ve gotten quite a few emails from readers telling me how they were having troubles downloading books from Instafreebie. It isn’t the easiest way to get free books that’s for sure… But TONS of authors use instafreebie so, I thought to myself “self, why not show readers how to read books from Instafreebie on their Kindle app?🤔”

So I did just that!

We’ll use Absolutely Alpha by Belle Scarlett as an example (next on my reading list btw😉)

Image of the cover of Absolutely Alpha by Belle Scarlett

Step 1 – Download The Apps

You’ll need an apple or android smartphone to get started – I’ll be sharing screenshots from team iPhone.

First, download the Instafreebie App and Kindle App for your smartphone.

Step 2 – Login

Log in to your Amazon account (make sure this is the account that sends books to your Kindle!)

Image of the login page for Kindle


And create an account with Instafreebie

Image of the login page for InstafreebieImage of the login page for Instafreebie


Step 3 – Activate Instafreebie

Open the email you used to create an Instafreebie account – but make sure you open it using your smartphone (I use the Gmail app). Instafreebie should send an email like this a few minutes after you click the Send My Password button (check your “Promotions” tab if you don’t see it after 5 minutes)

Image of the confirmation email from Instafreebie

Step 4 – Download The Book

Use the book link to download the book onto your Instafreebie. Enter your name and email. Make sure you use the same email you used to signup for Instafreebie!

Image of the cover of Absolutely Alpha by Belle Scarlett

Step 5 – Copy From Instafreebie To Kindle

Open up your Instafreebie app drag the screen up to refresh. Then find your book and click “Read”, then “Read in Kindle”

Image of the instafreebie app

Image of the instafreebie app

Instafreebie will then try to find the Kindle app on your phone – when it does, click on “Copy to Kindle”, and not “Save to Kindle”. It gives me an error when I try to save books but copying them has worked every time

Image of the Instafreebie app


Step 6 – Read Your Book🙂

Instafreebie will deliver the book to your Kindle app, and you can begin reading!

Image of a Kindle book


I Hope This Was Informative

Now go discover some new authors!🙂

My Latest Release

Image of the cover of Saved by the Alpha Wolves by Anastasia Chase


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