Saved by the Alpha Wolves (Crescent Moon Shifters Book 1)

“I can smell all our scents over you. I guess that means you belong to all of us…”

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Wolf shifter Brianna Frost found herself exiled in the woods and torn by a war against the bear shifters. While thinking to herself “what else could go wrong?”, three of them sneak up on her and attack her. It isn’t until four wolf shifters appear out of the shrubbery and save her that she begins to feel relief.


While getting her wounds tended back at their cabin, Brianna realizes that not only are these four gorgeous specimens staring at her with desire, but she finds herself wanting each one. The tension in the air could cut through play-doh.


Their moment of passion is interrupted by an alarm call from their sister pack alerting them that some of their cubs had been killed by the bears. They head together all five of them, as a new pack, to aid their brethren. If they survive the imminent fight, will their newfound passion be accepted by the other wolves?


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