Mated to the Alpha Wolves (Crescent Moon Shifters Book 2)

“Have you guys ever shared a woman? Together? In bed?”

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As a high ranking member of the army, wolf shifter Mia Storm is no stranger to the brutalities of war. But when she is ambushed by bear shifters while stepping into their territory, she fears that this might be her last fight… until a pack of mysterious wolf shifters step in and save her at the last minute. And good Lord, were they ever so dashing.


It turns out that the pack are brothers that have decided to remove themselves from the war, so naturally they are suspicious of a wolf that stepped into bear territory knowing full well that this is a declaration of war. And it doesn’t make it any easier that their wolves burn with desire when they look at her. However, their suspicions are interrupted by the kidnapping of cubs in a neighboring pack by the bears.


Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Mia finds herself not only trying to convince them to help the pack, she also finds herself wanting to be with these God-like figures – and the feeling is certainly mutual. Will they be able to find love in each other’s arms, or will they be torn apart by the war that has ravaged their people since the beginning of their kind?


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