Paranormal Romance Is In My Blood – And My Dreams

My Paranormal Romance Addiction




Wanna hear something weird? I haven’t stopped dreaming of myself becoming a wolf shifter ever since the year 2016😂  Like I legit have DREAMS of myself turning into a WOLF and going on a different adventure EVERY NIGHT

No joke

It never fails too. It’s gotten to the point where I literally wake up sometimes in the middle of the night all groggy, walk to the kitchen and get a snack, and CRAVE meat that I HUNTED in wolf form😂😂

I guess that’s what happens when you devote your life so utterly and entirely to your craft though. I think it’s useful, as a paranormal romance author, that I have these dreams. I once woke up from a furry adventure and immediately thought up a plot and picked up my phone to write it down (that’s how Crescent Moon Book 3 came to be btw😉)

This just goes to show  I’m in it for the long long long haul. I’m not gonna quit until I’m a de-facto brand for paranormal romance of the shifter variety, you better believe it❤️ So when I say my heart and soul goes into my books, I am being as sincere as can be!🙂

Thanks for reading and being a fan! And if you haven’t yet, why dontcha give Mated to the Alpha Wolves a try? Who knows, you may end up dreaming in shifterland too😂


***WARNING*** If hot, sweaty, steamy menage scenes where one woman is loved utterly and entirely by gorgeous men offend you, then do not, I repeat do NOT pick up this paranormal romance book from Amazon. You have been warned


Image of the cover of Mated to the Alpha Wolves by Anastasia Chase


Book Synopsis

“Have you guys ever shared a woman? Together? In bed?”

As a high ranking member of the army, wolf shifter Mia Storm is no stranger to the brutalities of war. But when she is ambushed by bear shifters while stepping into their territory, she fears that this might be her last fight… until a pack of mysterious wolf shifters step in and save her at the last minute. And good Lord, were they ever so dashing.

It turns out that the pack are brothers that have decided to remove themselves from the war, so naturally they are suspicious of a wolf that stepped into bear territory knowing full well that this is a declaration of war. And it doesn’t make it any easier that their wolves burn with desire when they look at her. However, their suspicions are interrupted by the kidnapping of cubs in a neighboring pack by the bears.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Mia finds herself not only trying to convince them to help the pack, she also finds herself wanting to be with these God-like figures – and the feeling is certainly mutual. Will they be able to find love in each other’s arms, or will they be torn apart by the war that has ravaged their people since the beginning of their kind?

Book 2 of Crescent Moon Shifters series

Books can be read in any order

Happy ending guaranteed

Keep extra panties nearby😏

**This is a 260 page wolf shifter romance. A true reverse harem with one female wolf shifter and three sexy, protective wolves. Intended for a Mature audience (18+)**

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