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Image of the cover of Fierce Heartbreaker by Liza Street


Here’s a great paranormal romance by the lovely Liza Street. It’s called Fierce Heartbreaker.


This is a hot shapeshifter romance – of the mountain lion variety🦁


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Book Description


After Jude Fournier broke her heart six years ago, it took Ava Stricket a long time to get on with her life. Now she’s back to help out her newly-widowed mother, and Jude’s presence is just as distracting as ever. Her overprotective brothers and uncle don’t need to worry, though—Ava’s had a lot of time to harden her heart to Jude’s charms, not only to protect herself, but her daughter as well.

But Jude isn’t going to give up so easily. Despite the hostility from her family and a new imbalance in his pride, he slowly works to win Ava back. His mountain lion chose Ava as his mate years ago, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove to Ava that he loves her and wants her back in his life—and this time, he’ll never let her go.

My Review


I give this 5 stars and recommend it to all readers of romance – even if you don’t normally read paranormal romance! The writing is very captivating, Liza does a super great job.


I especially loved Chloe, but Ava and Jude were the kind of characters that had such a sizzling, spot-on chemistry. It’s like I was turning the pages just to see what their next interaction would be like😂.There is a lot of animosity and misunderstanding between Jude and Ava, especially with the secret Ava hides from him, but the chemistry is definitely there. No spoilers of course🙂. Also, Hera and Blake from Fierce Wanderer make another appearance in this book, which is super cool.


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