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 A Wolf Shifter Romance


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Image of the cover of the Alpha Wolves of Myre Falls boxed set by Anastasia Chase


Heya readers!


Here’s a couple of paranormal romance books – my box set! It’s officially live on Amazon and you can get your Kindle version for a discount🔥


So my box set is live on Amazon! I’m releasing it at a discount for a limited time, and then I’m gonna switch it to full price. Share this page with your friends so they know about this too


You can read my blog post about why I switched to full price here if you’re interested


Book Descriptions


Four wolf shifters, one steamy paranormal romance series

Get your hands on this complete Paranormal Romance Series and get lost in the steam!

Books Included In This Box Set

Book 1 – The Wolf’s Lover

Watching the tough, beautiful, and mysterious wolf who took on a bear recover in his cabin brought out a side of Titan his pack never got to see. Titan could not help but fall in love with this captivating and stunning wolf.

Book 2 – The Wolf’s Temptation

Heartless, cold, lonely… all things that described Raven Martine. Conan wasn’t like any of her past assignments. He intrigued her. He was mysterious. And he was one of the finest specimens of wolf she had ever laid eyes on.

Book 3 – The Wolf’s Mate

When money got tight, April Marino moved to a small town and put on an apron. The only solace she found from her drab existence was the mysterious, quiet man who came in every day.

Book 4 – The Wolf’s Savior

When London Sawyer was diagnosed with a terrible illness, Paxton nearly lost his mind. But when his brother tells him a rumor about a mysterious substance that could cure her, this wolf shifter gets ready to face any peril that lay ahead to save his woman.

* Books Can Be Read In Any Order *

* Guaranteed HEA *

* Keep Extra Panties Nearby😏 *


About This Release


This is The Alpha Wolves of Myre Falls box set. It’s a collection of 4 wolf shifter romance books. Each book is 200-300 kindle pages worth of steamy romance🔥


And remember – if you have a Kindle Unlimited Membership you can read a lot of romance books on Amazon for free, including this one!💅


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*All books posted on this blog proooobably contain steamy scenes😉 Intended for readers that are 18

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