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They Better Not Mess With This Witch, Because Every Rose Has Thorns




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The Witch’s Consort Book 1


Hey lovely reader❤!

I called in sick today and I’m not even sick. That’s right, I’m a bad girl😁 I learned my lesson from one of my old jobs not to do it too often since I did get fired for calling in once a month. I know, I know “why would you do that Anastasia?!”… well, I just HATE being told when to work lol. I can’t wait to be able to quit my job.


Anywho! Today’s book recommendation is by the lovely Eva Chase. It’s a paranormal reverse harem romance about a witch who is stuck between an arranged marriage appeasing her step-mother and community, and her old, now stunning friends from childhood. If she chooses the latter, she loses her magic forever! What choice will she make?

I hope you like it!! Drop a note in the comments to let me know what you thought when you finish reading it😁


* This book contains steamy scenes, intended for readers that are 18+

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