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Kingdoms And Magic Could Not Keep Them Apart




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Zhekan Mates Book 1


Hey you❤!

Today I woke up happy and grateful to have my family. It’s the little things you know? Like sitting at the dinner table arguing over whether or not peacocks can fly😂

Today’s book recommendation is a paranormal romance by Emma James called Aerdan. Ancient magic brings Angelica and Aerdan together, and they soon find themselves locked in a passionate battle against tradition as the kingdoms of Zheka resist their union😲

I hope you like it!! Drop a note in the comments to let me know what you thought when you finish reading it😁


* This book contains steamy scenes, intended for readers that are 18+

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  • wayne foster
    January 30, 2020 - 9:04 AM · Reply

    I can not find the Zhekan Mates books anymore A while ago I got a sample of the series but now amazon nor anywhere else I have seen so far has it anymore

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