Guess How Many Countries My Fans Come From?

Diversity In Abundance


Would you like to see where the rest of my readers come from? I know I did😄😄


I made a picture. Look!


There are over 12 countries highlighted on that map😍 Who would’ve thought my fans lived in all these places!


It’s really something to have people from all over the world take time out of their days (and money out of their wallets!) to read my work!! (you included😘)


You know, in times when the world is just a tad bit f*ed up, it’s comforting to know that there are things that can bring people from all over the globe together: good old-fashioned steamy kindle romance books.


I love how diverse we are in the world, it means you could travel to literally any corner of the globe and never be bored! Don’t you agree?😊

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*All books posted on this website/blog proooobably contain steamy scenes😉 Intended for readers that are 18+

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