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Check out my Goodreads review of this free reverse harem romance by Krista Wolf. It’s called Shared. Since I’m beginning to write Reverse Harems, I’m probably going to be reviewing more of them from now on.


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Book Description

“You want to share me… as a girlfriend?” My stomach did a sexy backflip. “All three of you?” 

Broke and lonely, adjunct professor Claudia takes an on-campus renovation job to make ends meet. So when three gorgeous hunks show up, mistakenly assigned to the unfinished frat-house? Letting them live in the old Victorian in exchange for free labor seems like a no-brainer. 

But having three beautiful college athletes as roommates might be more than she bargained for. Especially when sexual tensions reach a fever pitch, and one of them breaks their only rule: no one goes after her… unless they all do. 

As the house devolves into a powder keg of jealousy and restraint, the guys come up with an interesting idea: sharing her as a girlfriend. No secrets, no limitations, just three powerful ex-fraternity brothers acting as Claudia’s three beautiful boyfriends… one by one, two on one… and more. 

Together they fix the house as they fix each other; Brandon, the sexy football star about to lose his scholarship. Colin, the lithe swimmer struggling to get past a dark betrayal. And Hunter, the charming, sometimes brooding alpha who harbors his own personal secret. 

Can Claudia satisfy the needs of three strapping college athletes who worship her as a goddess, mind, body, and soul? Or will the awakening of her own seemingly insatiable sexual appetite ultimately be their downfall? 

My Review

Shared - A Reverse Harem RomanceShared – A Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I personally have only recently gotten into reverse harems (both as a reader and an author), but this book was great! Each of the male characters has a unique and intriguing past, a unique personality and they all mesh together very well. I didn’t put this down until I finished it (luckily I wasn’t on the subway – totally would’ve missed my stop😂). The writing was great although the ending did leave me wanting a little bit more.

5 Stars!


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