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This is the prequel to my Alpha Wolves of Myre falls series


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The Story


London Sawyer hadn’t been to Myre Falls since she was a little girl. It was only after her grandfather got sick that she was allowed to return, and that was only to keep his antique shop open and nothing else. Paxton Christian was an alpha wolf dedicated to keeping his pack and territory safe, including the ungrateful humans that lived in it. It was bred into their moral fibers since birth, they protect their land and everything in it, humans and wolves alike.


When a lone wolf strolls through Myre Falls and sets his chops on London, Paxton is ready to risk everything he’s ever known to protect the only woman he’s ever loved. Will the knowledge of who Paxton stop a bond neither of them can deny, or will the danger of his secret kill her and their love forever?  


My Review

Gotcha! There’s no way I’m gonna review my own book😂


But here’s what people thought of all of my books, including Loved by the Alpha Leader, on Goodreads


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The Dragon's Healer
The Dragon’s Healer

reviews: 65

ratings: 118 (avg rating 4.42)


The Wolf's Lover
The Wolf’s Lover (Alpha Wolves of Myre Falls, #1)

reviews: 24

ratings: 86 (avg rating 3.93)


The Wolf's Temptation
The Wolf’s Temptation (Alpha Wolves of Myre Falls, #2)

reviews: 21

ratings: 40 (avg rating 4.08)


The Wolf's Mate
The Wolf’s Mate (Alpha Wolves Of Myre Falls, #3)

reviews: 27

ratings: 43 (avg rating 3.88)


Loved by the Alpha Leader
Loved by the Alpha Leader (Alpha Wolves of Myre Falls, #0.5)

reviews: 15

ratings: 28 (avg rating 3.50)


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