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I’ve got a special treat for all the shifter addicts out there: a free paranormal romance written by ME! This book is live on Amazon and will be FREE FOREVER!

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Just a free, 125-page book, for your reading pleasure.

Why? Because I have the best fans in the world and I want to thank you the only way I know how: books! The only thing I ask is that you please please please leave a review when you’re done, help me get to the top of the free charts on Amazon🙂

This book is a direct sequel to the Alpha Wolves of Myre Falls series. It’s about Paxton and London’s son, Paxton Junior, and his adventures to find out who he is as a wolf shifter and stop living in his father’s shadow.

Little does he know, he’s about to meet his fated mate on his journey to self-discovery.


***WARNING*** If hot, sweaty, steamy scenes where a woman is loved utterly and entirely by gorgeous men offend you, then do not, I repeat do NOT pick up this paranormal romance ebook. All of my alpha male romance books are for readers that are 18+. You have been warned.


Image of the cover of Paxton by Anastasia Chase

Book Synopsis

Bianca loved dogs. She always had.

That’s why she opened the only no-kill shelter in town, and she was damn proud of that fact. They currently had one vacant position, left by her alcoholic ex-boyfriend. After him, she promised herself she wouldn’t get involved with co-workers ever again. But when she saw him, the words lodged in her throat, right along with her heartbeat.

Holy cover model, Batman. This guy was gorgeous.

He was tall, lean, and corded with muscle. He looked like a serious athlete, though something told her that he was one of those fortunate few that never had to work out to get good muscle tone. She felt an intense desire to strip him of that shirt and taste every inch of his yummy-looking torso, from happy trail to clavicle.

But he had his own secrets.

Maybe she wouldn’t freak out if he ever showed her his wolf form? And then again, maybe she’d run screaming in the opposite direction. Not every human had the temperament to deal with the life they lived. But none of that mattered because he knew it for a fact. He could feel it in his bones.

She was his fated mate.

*****WARNING***** Paxton contains hot wolf shifters with an alpha demeanor. They like to cuss, fight and love their women. Intended for a Mature audience (18+).

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