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I love that in this day and age I can read novels online in a few keyboard strokes and clicks. And the best part? A lot of novels are out there for free!


Forbidden Mate is a billionaire romance novel by Amanda Horton. This is a standalone book that gives you a nice peek into Amanda’s writing.


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The Story

Miranda Benson’s world seemed to implode. Like a divorce wasn’t enough, her husband James now wanted the custody of their daughter Suzy and to top it all, she was being let go of her job at the Masterson Conglomerate. She needed a way out, desperately.

Ace was the billionaire heir of Masterson conglomerate, but to even have a penny of the fortune, he had to get married. Ace needed a wife and needed one soon so when he met the beautiful but distressed Miranda Benson, he knew she was the one. 

It didn’t take long for their marriage of convenience, to turn into a sizzling romance. Miranda was falling in love with handsome Ace, but for the bad boy this was no different to another business agreement. Can Miranda’s love change Ace, or will their romance end with the contract?

My Review

Miranda is a struggling single mom of a 4 year daughter with health problems. That is just one of her issues. Now she has two more that have dropped onto her lap. Miranda’s ex-husband want custody of their daughter. And to top the cake she is losing her job. But things start to look up for her when she accidentally email the boss of the company, Ace instead of her supervisor.

Ace, the heir to Masterson Conglomerate has been given an ultimatum by his grandfather, “Find a wife if you want to your inheritance.” Now Ace is on the search for the woman that the grandfather will approve of. Just his luck she falls into his inbox.

The story developed nicely throughout even though at times parts of it were formulaic. It worked here though because the characters were very likable and nicely developed in the short pages.


Overall I would recommend it, especially on a nice sunny day when you can read novels online on your phone (or your Kindle!)🙂


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