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A Bear Shifter Romance


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I’ve got another book to add to my collection of free romance books😍 It’s called Forbidden Mate by Ruby Forrest. It’s part of her Bears of Green Hills romance series. This is a box-set so you get more than one read out of this freebie.


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The Story

Emilia Niles. Small town girl. Looking to get out. But she found Connor instead.

Will she get sucked into a secret life?
After getting caught up in a shifter family war, Emilia has to make a decision. 
Should she make a run for it and put this all behind her? 
The drama, the danger, the wild passion. Him.
Should she run away from the chaos?
Or will she bind herself to her soul mate?


My Review

The entire box set is about the romance of Emilia, a woman with panic and trust issues, and Connor, a hunky possessive bear shifter. Emilia happens to be his fated mate, which causes turmoil in the clan, for there has never been a human mate in the history of their clan. Assaults, breakups, and additions to the clan over a one year period, makes Emilia wonder if she is the whole cause and if she should leave without marrying Connor

It makes it so nice to have the books in a set, this way you’re not left high and dry waiting on the next book to finish the story😁


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You can also check out some of Selene‘s other romance books on her Amazon page. And if you have a Kindle Unlimited Membership you can read her books for FREE!


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