My TBR – Cage Me by Aidy Award

A Dragon And A Mermaid Can Fall In Love, But He Has To Bring Her Back From Hell First



Hey gorgeous❤!

I’m pretty much over my cold thank God! I was getting super sniffly at work and I can tell my cubicle mates were getting annoyed because I heard them sighing so much lol🙊 I am soooo looking forward to not having to work in a cubicle anymore by the way, ughhhh…

Now let’s read some paranormal romance books!

Anyway, today I have a sexy dragon shifter romance with a twist – the female lead is a curvy mermaid!! This book is super different from other books out there and Aidy Award knows how to put just enough steam into her books. It’s about a young, hunky dragon shifter that falls in love with a mermaid and has to save her – in hell🔥

I hope you like it!! Drop me a note in the comments!

* This book contains steamy scenes, intended for readers that are 18+

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