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Let’s be honest guys – there’s a lot of fluff to sift through if you wanna find the best romance books to read – especially if you’re looking for free books (shameless plug for my free book😁). That’s why I leave reviews only on the best romance books. I don’t read a book unless it’s either 1) recommended by my author network, or 2) it’s got incredible Goodreads reviews already. And trust me – I read a lot of books (some would say too much but those people are buttheads).


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Book Description

Under the light of the full moon, Avery experiences a night of endless pleasure in the arms of a seductive stranger. When she witnesses his transformation into a wolf, she’s convinced their passionate encounter was part of an otherworldly dream. But her pregnancy test confirms it was all too real and now she must find the father of her child.

My Review

Just For One Night (Alice Worth Series)Just For One Night by Lisa Edmonds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book makes me want to pick up Heart of Malice, since this is the retelling of a pivotal part of that novel but from a different perspective (a different character). This is brilliant on the authors part, since it fills the holes and gives us what we were missing from the other book! (or at least what I think is missing – I have yet to read it🙂). It’s a fun, sexy, quick read that you will absolutely enjoy reading in one sitting.

5 stars!

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